ZTY meets Benen - Saturday, February 3rd, 2001

Sup all, as promised I met up with the boys of Benen at their Colma, California location at 780 Serramonte Blvd. BUT first, I met up with MY boys from Z.Team Yossi: Holland, Kohta, and Shaun. Shaun took care of the 35 mm kind photography while I shot the bobby digital pictures with the team Sony Mavica (and a trusty 'ol friend the digital camera has been). Since our group was flexin' four savages, we took two ZTY cars: the ZTY Golf and the ZTY Si ... we figured Holland could use the extra miles to break in the Drag Generation 3 turbo kit newly installed in his Electron Blue Si. We arrived at the Benen lab around 3pm to see the Benen boys hard at work on their showroom display, and we were definitely happy to see Dominique's LS-powered EG and Ken's GSR-powered EG (newly acquired "Spanky" from the FF Squad of S.Cal) in the mix. Benen is on a roll producing the tightest suspension bars for the EG (1992-1995 Honda Civic) in the market. Moreover, Benen in the near future is going to bust out carbon fiber composite hoods/wings/lips in the Spoon fashion matched with construction technology from Lockheed Martin. So on with the pictures already!

Photography and images by: The Tai Brothers

Wilson [wilson@zteamyossi.com] & Shaun [shaun@zteamyossi.com]

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Above: Kohta, Domenique, Ken, Shaun, Holland, and Wilson         

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Above: Benen EG's getting the wash down before photos can be taken - think again!

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Above: Domenique's EG ... B18B DOHC powered

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closeupbar.jpg (54809 bytes) bothbars.jpg (76489 bytes) bothbars2.jpg (75468 bytes) benensticker.jpg (46561 bytes) benen3.jpg (66106 bytes)      

Above: Ken's EG ... B18C DOHC VTEC powered  

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hollandcivicfront.jpg (63807 bytes) hollandboost.jpg (58178 bytes) hollandb16.jpg (81410 bytes) hollandgauges.jpg (42415 bytes) hollandctr.jpg (43668 bytes)

Above: Holland's Si ... B16A DOHC VTEC TURBO powered

wilsoninterior.jpg (64095 bytes) wilsongolffront.jpg (65512 bytes) wilsongolf.jpg (58079 bytes) benenzty.jpg (66981 bytes)

Above: Wilson's Golf ... "beeeeee-BAAAAHHHHH," yeah wish upon a star!

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Above: Benen office, R&D room, CAD blueprint, and showroom

Check out this bonus movie clip: KenSpanky (1.24mb MPEG)

For further information: benen.com and racingmix.com

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