[ZTY] Honda Prelude & VW Golf
Sunday, July 2nd, 2000

Digitally captured with a Sony Mavica 81

ZTY cars: David Lau's "Spork Lude" 1997 Prelude and Wilson Tai's 1995 "Bone Stock" VW Golf 3

ZTY members: Shaun Tai, Wilson Tai, David Lau, Holland Ohlson

Pictures/Images by Wilson Tai ... wilson@zteamyossi.com

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What's up with the '97 Prelude: FMAX turbo kit, Spoon SW388 16" with Yokohama A520, Tanabe Racing Medallion, lightweight anodized lug nuts, Mugen steering wheel, Sparco Sprint racing seat, Koni Sports matched to Ground Control adjustable-height springs, and a DC Sports lower tie-bar for the wrap up.

What's up with the '95 Golf: Featured in Super Street Magazine, April 2000.


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