November 5th, 2000 >> ZTY Exclusive Photo Shoot

ZTY Members present: Phuong Nguyen, Jon Pek, Wilson Tai, Shaun Tai

Digital Photography: Wilson "Magnum" Tai and Jon "They Call Me Bruce" Pek

35mm Photography: Shaun Tai ... see his pictures at:

All Photos by Wilson Tai

Specials to look for on Jon's MBZ C230K: 19x10" Axis/SSR 3pc. custom wheels, 4-disc 13" Porsche 996 brake system (yes, all four corners!), Lorinser body kit, Hagus sport mirrors, AMG interior, IASCA multimedia stereo system. For more on this car see: West Coast Benzos

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Specials to look for on Phuong's Honda EK: Gunmetal Volk Racing TE37, Civic Type R headlights, Spoon hood, Spoon mirrors, Spoon rear wing (authentic Spoon of Japan composite products), Championship White Type R paint, Recaro SRD. Tuning: Inlinefour Honda Specialists

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Specials to look for on Wilson's VW Golf: Hella headlights and taillights, Team Dynamics Tornado's, 5Zigen Fireball, Benen Industries Billet Grill, Andy's Autosport front clip, Rally Blue Paint, Hagus sport mirrors. Tuning: Importvision, Team Dynamics, MG Racing and Tuning

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From left to right: Shaun flexing his photography skills (he takes it seriously and is equally as good at it), Shaun and Jon cheesing for the camera, Phuong and Jon revealing just how chilly it can get on a November afternoon.

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