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ZTY Team Meet - December 23rd, 2001

A few pitchers of Pyramid Snow Cap and Hefeweizen mixed with select team members of Z. Team Yossi - plus some new surprises like Mack's new S2000 with Spoon running gear and Nam's 90% complete Spoon EK. Andy and Ken's WRX's are both 300+ horsepower with race-spec coilover suspensions to match. David's 600cc GSXR has a killer graphic scheme. Alex's R has an OEM JDM metal front end and has the loudest VTEC rage this side of the nation (stock exhaust too). John has taken over the tuning of Greg's MR2 and will upgrade to a deeper dish multi-piece wheel.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 2002 from the boys of ZTY. For the rest of ZTY's rides:

Photography and digital images by Wilson Tai

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