Z. Team Yossi Super Street Magazine

Z.Team Yossi X Super Street

Richard Chang (Super Street editor)
Wesley Allison (Super Street photographer) 
 Shaun Tai & Wilson Tai (Founders of Z.Team Yossi).

As featured six full color pages in Super Street Magazine, April 2000. 

The March 2000 millennium issue of Super Street was a big hit for the San Francisco Bay Area. The cover car was the Volk Racing Hokori Turbo Supra and featured within were the Z.Team Yossi VWs...European cars were rarely featured in Super Street. Moreover, it was the first time two blood brothers were featured, no less, pioneers of the Northern California import racing scene, which was about to explode into the mainstream. 14 months after the issue hit the newsstands, The Fast and the Furious (Cohen, 2001) was released in movie theaters. In fact, a number of Z. Team Yossi cars including Shaun's Jetta were extras in the film production in Los Angeles.

The photo shoot location has long been a Z.Team Yossi favorite. It has since become a openly shared secret. For example, it is where the film, The Matrix Reloaded, freeway chase scenes were filmed and where a boutique distillery called Hangar One creates their exquisite buddha hand vodka and legal-since-2007 Absinthe. 

Wesley Allison, Super Street's cover car photographer, shooting on 35mm film at the time, attached his suction cup tripod to the Golf's side, aimed the lens at the wheel, and asked Wilson, "Can you do a burnout?" Revved to the limiter, Wilson dropped the clutch and lit up the tires to the end of the street. The powdercoated white split-spoke Team Dynamics Motorsport wheel of the ZTY VW Golf graces the cover of the supplemental Wheel Buyer Guide included with the issue, thus the issue was sold in a sealed protective bag - an automatic collector's item!

In the following new year, Super Street and Weapon*R (another SF Bay Area company) teamed up to release a 2001 Calendar. Three of the twelve months featured Z. Team Yossi cars: Shaun's Jetta, Wilson's Golf and John B's Turbo MR2. It was nothing short of titilating to see models Linda Lee & Kristin Muranga posing with the Golf. Wilson's Golf was sold in 2001 after graduating UC Santa Cruz and before moving to China. Shaun's Jetta continues to represent Z.Team Yossi as a flagship vehicle for ZTY Media, a graphic design studio specializing in full vehicle race graphics and productions for web and television.

Behind-the-scenes at the Super Street photo shoot
 by Shaun & Wilson Tai of Z. Team Yossi

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